Based on the Todoesuno™ philosophy,

Todoesuno Harmonious Human is a transformational guide for your personal evolution.

The services, workshops and events that we offer are consciously combined whether it is to create and hold a space for your soul to retreat and heal; or to inspire, encourage and guide you on your individual journey towards the harmonious genuine you; to live your life fully and alive - with purpose, passion and joy, in a responsible way to everyone and everything.
NEW - Studio Opened
NEW- Indian Champi Face and Head Massage

Todoesuno Eesti is happy to inform about the opening of a new studio for Lomi-Lomi, Champi, Soul Opening and Human Design sessions.


Your  sacred space to relax, detox, reconnect and heal.

The Indian head massage, better known today as ‘Champi’, is a technique that has been practiced in India for over 1,000 years. Champi has evolved to incorporate the systematic treatment of the upper back, shoulders, neck, upper arms and face in an effort to manipulate and unblock energy channels that have become blocked, causing a build-up of negative energies which can cause the onset of ailments such as stress, anxiety, headaches etc.

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